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Bordeaux Ink is a hi-quality ink that with these bulk systems can save you a lot of money compared to your standard cartridges. The quality is first, without that less is not more so Bordeaux make sure you will have better results than your factory inks. So that said WOW how much can you save, I should say make, When you reduce your cost two things happen, you make more money & you get that job that may be to low that you really want that customer. NOW YOU CAN COMPETE WHEN YOU HAVE TO!

 When you see the quality and the savings
You will be asking your self why it did not do this years ago? really bad systems? questionable quality? NOT ANYMORE WITH THIS EASY TO INSTALL BAG SYSTEM YOU CAN START SAVING AND MAKING MORE!

 Bordeaux Fuze MS33 2 Liter bags
and FUZE MS5 series inks are mild solvent inks designed for outdoor and indoor application. They are compatible with all standard substrates available on the market. FUZE MS3, FUZE MS33 and FUZE MS5 ink series are compatible to Mimaki JV3, Mimaki JV33 and Mimaki JV5 respectively and other printers with Epson DX-4, DX-5 and DX-6 print heads. FUZE MS3 inks are Mix & Match with Mimaki SS-2 inks, FUZE MS33 inks are Mix & Match with SS-21 inks and FUZE MS5 inks are Mix & Match with HS-1 inks. 

 Bordeaux' Fuze ECO PR4

This ink is Mix & Match™* with Roland® SOLMAX2™ ink and provides outstanding print quality on a very wide range of substrates. FUZE ECO PR4™ is ideal for most outdoor applications requiring light-fastness and water resistance and also for indoor printing applications.

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